Library Policies

List of Policies

Access, Services and Programs
Confidentiality of Library Records - Circulation records are confidential and shall not be made available to anyone, including any agency of federal, state, or local government except pursuant to federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal or administrative investigative power.

Borrowing / Checking Out Materials - Library materials will be checked out to cardholders for a period of three weeks for books and two days for videos.  

Overdues, Fees - Fines for overdue books are .05 per book per day that the library is open.  Fines for overdue videos are .25 per video per day that the library is open.

Meeting room use - Meeting room may be used by the public at a prescheduled time on a first come first serve basis.  Contact the Library Director to schedule meeting room usage.

Bulletin Board and Displays - The library welcomes community groups to make use of the bulletin board in the library foyer to display posters of a public nature.  Please see the Library Director to post these documents.

Patron Conduct in the Library - It is expected that the library patron will conduct themselves with respect and courtesy to the library staff and other patrons.  Patrons are expected to speak in low voices, use non-offensive language,  wear shoes and walk, not run, in the library.   Observance of library policy and rules is expected at all times.  Abuse of library privileges will result in a warning by the Library Director or staff in charge.  Continued abuse may result in suspension of some or all library privileges at the discretion of the Library Director.

Unattended Children - Children under the age of eight may not be left unattended in the library.

Disruptive Behavior - Disruptive patrons will be asked to correct their behavior, if they continue to be disruptive they will be asked to leave for the day.

Gifts and Donations - Gifts and donations are welcomed.  Once an item has been donated it becomes the property of the Mondamin Public Library to do with as they see fit.  A receipt will be given upon request for tax purposes with no monetary value listed.  It is not the policy of this library to place plaques on donated items.  Memorials made to the library will be noted with a name plate on the Memorials Plaque.

Holiday closings / emergency and weather closings - The Mondamin Public Library will be closed for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day.  Notice will be posted in advance if the library must be closed for reasons of educational seminars, illness, etc.  If the West Harrison Community School is closed due to inclement weather the library may also be closed that day.

Collections, Computers, Technology
Collections:  Selection of Materials and Collection Development - The Library Director is responsible for selecting purchased or donated materials following "General Criteria for Materials Selection."  Requests from the public are taken into serious consideration.

Internet Use - Access to the internet is provided to library patrons on a first come first served basis.  Users are responsible for evaluating the quality of information accessed.  Children under the age of 18 are allowed internet access unless there is a form on file signed by a Parent/Legal Guardian.  This form is available from the Library Director.

Public Access Computers - The Mondamin Public Library provides three computers for public use.  These computers are accessed on a first come first serve basis.  The public must sign in with the Library staff and will be allowed 30 minutes to use the computer if other patrons are waiting.  No more than two patrons may be at a computer at one time.  Misuse of the computer will result in loss of  computer privileges.  The library may charge a patron for damage to software or equipment.  If a minor, parents or guardians will be held responsible.

Policy Handbook - The Mondamin Public Library "Bylaws, Policies & Procedures Manual" is available at the library for public use.  Please consult it for further details on these policies and others pursuant to the library.